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What People Are Saying

“The Hero's Press offers a variety of fantastic resources for parents to help their children unlock their creative potential. With diverse tools and tutorials, the CreatbleMe website is a go-to destination for anyone looking to connect with their child to help them hone their artistic skills. This newsletter never fails to deliver insightful strategies that encourage parents and their children's young hearts and growing minds to push the boundaries of their imaginations while exploring new avenues to unleash their creativity.”

Melissa Goulbourne, M.EdeLearning Consultant & Designer / Parent

“As a parent of four, I desire for my kids to understand themselves and believe in their limitless potential. Creatable Me's Super YOUniversity course, with its focus on creativity, empowerment, and character development through superheroes, promises to foster emotional intelligence, active listening, and authenticity. It's the tool we've longed for to connect with our children in a creative and nurturing manner. I'm eager to dive in!”

Kristen TippitCEO of Brandest / Parent

“Creatable Me is a groundbreaking educational platform designed for all ages. It emphasizes self-discovery, personal growth, and vital 21st-century skills like creativity and problem-solving. Addressing challenges like accessibility and personalized learning, it has the potential to revolutionize education. I see a bright future for it.”

Dr. Rastafa I. Geddes M.Sci., Ph.D.